Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes on the Nintendo Switch.

Which House is best in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Step into the shoes of Shez as they join Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and other Fire Emblem™: Three Houses characters and fight for the future of Fódlan. Align with a leader to build and command an army in strategic 1-vs.-1,000-style battles. The house you choose will bring you through one of three compelling stories, each with a different outcome.

Welcome to another episode of, what game I have been playing?!

I am still trying to wrap my feelings around this game. I am about 4 to 5 hours in this game at the time of this typewriting. I have been anticipating this game, mainly for two reasons. One, I love Musou hack and slash action role-playing games, the OG's for me being Dynasty Warriors and the Samurai Warriors game franchises. And two, I like the Fire Emblem Franchise as well. FE's Warriors series replaces its tactical role-playing kind of game with musou hack and slash while maintaining the essence of what makes Fire Emblem a great series. I played the heck out of Fire Emblem Warriors, I have almost 50 hours easily. I unlocked every scenario, played all the DLCs, unlocked every weapon, etc. So getting into Three Hopes was expected. 

I never really got too far into playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which this game is basically based on. I also felt like FE Warriors was a lot simpler, as far as the game mechanics and the quality of life in general. Whereas FE: Three Hopes, seems more complicated in some regards, you have a world (or war) map, in which you can pick between main missions and side quests. You also have a camp, where you have Item stores, blacksmiths, armorers, training facilities, and anything and everything you'd expect to find in your typical RPG game. There's much more to it than just hacking and slashing your way. There is also much more strategy involved in battles, sending the right units to certain spots in order to seize the battle. In fact, I am currently stuck on a mission because I keep failing at defending and keeping alive three different people, sorry guys, I am as bad of a strategist as I am as a friend, I will let you die!

Dialog, good-god there's a lot of dialogue in this game, the story overall compared to FE: Warriors is far more complicated and elaborated. It is also like watching Game of Thorne minus the titties, but there are dragons! Again, it is a more robust story in this game.

Again, I am only about 5 hours in and I am sure I will discover more things but for whatever reason, even though my character is level 25 or something like that, at this point in the game, I still feel under power. There is something I am sure I should be doing that I haven't done yet. Going back to FE Warriors, I was always, overpowered. I am sure I'll get to God-level but it is taking me more time. That or I am just extremely impatient.

There is a Demo available for the game in case you are on the fence about getting this game. I do hope I'll stick with it and don't get bored, or discouraged in some way.

We shall see, stay tuned, same Gabz-time, same Gabz-channel.