The are many good podcasts out there but one that excels over all the others is, the mythical, the legendary show, Hemispheric Views. Please subscribe, and while you're at it, subscribe to One Prime Plus for extra content and stuff. As members of One Prime Plus, one of its benefits, is to suggest topics that they can discuss on the show. A few weeks ago, in their super-secret discord channel, I had suggested or rather asked about what was their process when blogging in their own respective blogs. If you want to hear all about that, go subscribe to One Prime Plus.

Now, it was really interesting to hear how they go about managing their creative process, the behind-the-scenes of each of their blogs, etc. And it made me think a lot about my own process, and, without spoiling anything from the episode I feel like my process these days can relate to most of theirs. I think like for a lot of us, these processes may change over time and very frequently, and also gives us the perfect excuse to try things around and see what sticks.

What is my process or workflow? Well, let's find out because I am not even sure anymore. Especially when I change hosting sites (I know, that's another post). Right now I host things in two different places, and Ghost. The move to Ghost has been very recently and the process to import most of my things was a pain in the buttness (that alone is another post). Short posts and things that need some kind of "logging" go to, Mb is like a second brain.

My main text editor, currently and for the last two years, has been Ulysses, and mostly on iOS and iPadOS, very little on the Mac. And that is the extent of my Apple ecosystem toolbox for blogging. However, I spend most of my day on a Windows PC, so no Ulysses.

I have always considered myself an impulsive, lazy, writer (or blogger). A lot of times my ideas come while I am at work, so it is very easy to open another window tab and start writing. For I use Quill web text editor, simple and yet very powerful. It is almost like using Ghost's web text editor. The best part of using a web editor, for me, is the fact that I have Grammarly's extension installed (I use Chrome, sorry) and that helps with my spelling and grammatical errors. Once anything has been composed, it gets published, and forget about it. Of course, this means no "in-app" record or backup of that post other than its final place.

For posts in Ghost, it is a very similar process, I always have a tab open with Ghost's Control Panel, I go to a "new post" and start typing. At least there is some "in-web-app" record, or backup for these posts.

Tools are nice, apps are nice, but ultimately I really don't care much where I type things. As long as I have the ability to do it from anywhere, my work computer, my iPhone, iPad, etc. And to be honest, once it's published, I care very little about keeping a post in a specific app or folder. Whether I am hosting everything in or Ghost, at the end of the day, to me, blogging, is just another form of journaling. Where I published stories and anything that I find like talking about, even if no one reads it. 

Editor's note: This post was originally composed and posted on 2/29/2022 around 8:20 am  MST. By 1:06 pm-ish, everything changed.