And just like that, it’s done. I am finally done with it. No more exam’s related stress, well, now I’ll be anxiously waiting for the results but that’s the least of my worries — now.

Four different tests, four different subjects. Molecular, Genetic Purity, herbicide assays, and AP/LLP testing. I feel like two out of the four I did pretty well, the other two, well I had some troubles.

Although, I was surprised at how much I knew and was able to complete by just real work experience. Studying also helped a lot, obviously. About three hours total, for all four. I should find out about the results for user 22002 sometime this week. My hopes of passing are slim but there’s a chance.

Worst case scenario, I know what to concentrate on or tackle more in my next round.

Now if you’d excuse me, I need a beer and lunch.