Funny story

This morning, I woke up, showered, and got dressed, as you do, ready to go out and about in the field. When something strange happened. I got to my rental car, turn it on, and then the sound…

My brand new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport rental sounded like a mustang!!! Super-loud exhaust! A loud broken one. I’ve heard this before, and it clicked in my mind but I didn’t want to accept what was happening. I knew something was “broken” or, missing.

Immediately I called the car rental company and they patched me to this nice lady on the phone. After explaining what had happened she says.

Sir, you have been a victim of a stolen catalytic converter

I was baffled, that did confirm what I thought it was but not that it was actually stolen. Stolen, overnight, right at the hotel’s parking lot. Apparently, this is a thing, people do steal, these parts, they, apparently, get a good deal of money for them, precious metals.

So, they exchanged my vehicle but not before I had to drive it all the way to my closest car rental location. It was like driving an old broken Cadillac all over town. So much fun.

I’ve got two more nights down here in Naples fkn Florida, and there’s a tropical storm watch!

Good times, good times.