On September 11th, 2019 we had a field trip to the local urgent care with Marley, the one closest to our house. It was a stressful experience, especially for mom, and a terrifying one for Marley. Still to this day, every time she gets, an ouchie, her first question is, is it bleeding?

Yesterday, unfortunately, it was Luna's turn. As much as we tell them to not run around the house, and to pay attention to their surroundings and where they are going, well you know where this is heading.

Both are running, Marley turns around, Lunas is running behind her, Marley doesn't notice Luna, rams her, Luna hits the Kitchen Playset, and both start crying.

Luna is holding her side of the head, I check, and she's got a scratch right above her left eyebrow and it is swollen. We assess, did not look too bad but enough for concern. Once the bleeding was contained, we decided it was best to take it, just in case she needed 'a special band-aid'. This time though, rather than the 'regular' Urgent Care, Annie, in all her wisdom, suggested the pediatric one. It was much further but a much safer bet.

At this point, Luna was, surprisingly calm. She even liked the idea of going to see the doctor. We get to the Urgent Care, checked in, and patiently waited. A few minutes later a nurse lady comes out, takes Luna's temperature, weighs her, and checks her pulse, finally we proceeded to the examination room. On the way to the room, she gets offered a toy. What? Cool! The Nurse explains what is that they are about to do, and gets offered a popsicle.

All this time, Luna has been super-complaisant and not even a single sign of fear. The nurse applies some anesthetic to her wound and put on a clean band-aid. Whilst we wait for the anesthetic to do its thing, she gets offered to watch cartoons, on an iPad.

And here we are, Luna is chilling on her medical bed, watching cartoons whilst sucking on a popsicle. Then a second nurse comes in, "Hello, my name is Allison, we are just going to put some special glue on your ouchie and be done". Luna didn't even emote, her eyes fixed on the iPad (whilst still sucking on the popsicle). Allison turns around and looks at me. "Do I know you, did you use to work at Simplot, with my brother Wes?" And then it clicked! Allison, my friend and co-worker's sister which I haven't seen either of them in a few years now. That was a nice surprise indeed, wasn't expecting that for sure.

Short story long, Luna got all patched up, no traumatic experience, and guess what? She got more candy, and the nurse comes in with a handful of lollipops. Luna starts debating which one to pick when the nurse goes, "grab them all, they're all for you". What

Man, we adults get treated like animals.