Elden Ring on the PlayStation 5

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Whelp, I've done it, Elden Ring for PS5 has been somehow, acquired.  Believe me, when I say, I am very nervous and scared about this game. This game, or this style of the game rather, is not necessarily my cup of tea if you will. I mean, It is a fantasy game, with monsters, and opened world, yes, I am all about that. But, I am more of a hack-and-slash, guns-blazing type of gamer. Games in which I need to be patient, strategize and think of every aspect of my charter's build, it's something I avoid at all costs.

That being said, there was something about Elden Ring that I felt compelled to want to play it. Not sure if it was the graphics, the hype around it, or what. The same happened with ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights on the Nintendo Switch, a dark fantasy 2D RPG, souls-like game. I learned to have patience, to learn my opponent's movements, and not attack hastily. The same will have to happen with Elden Ring, I suppose.

I have barely played the game, perhaps about an hour or so. My first impressions are, that this game looks beautiful, the graphics are outstanding, and the few monsters I have encountered are scary looking. Well, let's face it, anything in this game will scare me, most likely. The little I have seen of the world looks huge, and again, I have barely scratched the surface. The voice acting sounds very crisp, I also play with headphones so that adds some I guess. The story, so far it's a little vague but intriguing. Oh, and I have died a lot, like, a lot.

This game was not cheap, I better put on my pants and grind through it, I don't want to abandon it. I will take my time, one gaming session at a time until I figure it out. I have even been watching youtube videos like The Beginner's Guide to Elden Ring. I did abandon ENDER LILIES, back when I was playing it, I guess it was not so much of the difficulty but its Metroidvania aspect, which I got tired of it. Let us see how I fair against Elden Ring.