Create like there is no metrics. There’s no followers. There’s no likes. There’s no comments. The only thing waiting for you is the canvas.  

Source: Create Like There Is No Metrics

A hundred times this! 👏🏻

For the longest time, when I first started my blogging adventure, I got hung up a little bit on the metrics. That was during the WordPress days. The same can be said for Instagram at some point. Gotta have those likes!

Later I learned that, well, it is still a work in progress, that way of thinking just gets in the way and creates friction. I think we have been trained to think of attention on the internet as a competition and the need for recognition and validation of everything we put out there.

Unless this is how you make your living, then I guess I understand the need for the metrics, the likes, the views, the downloads, etc.

(Now I feel like I am going down a rabbit hole of thoughts and feelings about this. Lots of buts and what-ifs)

For me thoughI just want to create and put things out there for the fun of it, create for myself first, and even if only one person reads my post, I am good with that.