This will be the least interesting thing you may or may not read today, with little child Musk trying to buy the Twitters, but, that's another post, or not.

It has been about three days, three days since I deleted Instagram from my device. I have had my struggles using this platform for years now. I have posted about it at least a dozen times, I think. But I always end up back at it. I do not because I like the platform as a photo-sharing one, if anything, these days is everything but. A shopping app! But I always find the arguments to keep it. 

"I gotta have it, so I can keep in touch with people"

"I gotta follow so and so for my kettlebell workouts"

At the end of the day, to me, it's like an addiction. I scroll and like, then, there's the infinite scrolling, the reels, the ads, the in-your-face stuff. There's the involuntary thing about comparing your joy and life with what you see, even if you try and know that you shan't. Is something that Instagram and Facebook have thought us to do in a way. 

Enough ranting!

This week, I signed up for Mailbrew. I want to say this would be my second time trying the service, although this time is a little more intentional.  I mainly to this idea from skoobz on, and created  Mailbrew Instagram newsletter. I added the Instagram accounts I think are worth following but I don't have to depend on the Instagram app. This way, I can avoid everything I hate about the platform.

It has only been three days and so far so good. I do still find myself looking for the app on my phone whenever I have one of those five minutes of nothingness and my brain is trained to open Instagram. I am yet to replace that bad habit with something else. Again, it's a work in progress.

I am not considering closing the account yet, but I won't be actively using it through the app or web. Unless I remember other accounts that I feel like adding to the newsletter.

We shall see how this goes