I have been playing Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation 5 since its release back in mid-February. I have been enjoying the heck out of it, it is a fantastic game, with amazing graphics and an amazing story. However, for whatever reason, I seem to have lost interest.

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Perhaps I am saying this because I haven't touched the game in over a week and for different reasons. Maybe if I pick it up again tonight I'll be hooked regain but at the same time, all I want to do is to play games on the Nintendo Switch.

For example, over the weekend, I was playing the heck out of Street of Rage 4 on the Switch.  This is without a doubt my favorite beat 'em up game, hands down. The game was firstly released digitally, later physically, and I always wanted a physical copy of it. 

For my Birthday, Annie got me the Streets of Rage 4 - Anniversary Edition for the Switch, which includes the  Mr. X Nightmare DLC. I really hadn't played the game since the DLC came out.

This DLC, besides adding three more characters to your roster, it adds a new mode, Survival. It is pretty much a series of simulations in which you progress until you die. You don't get extra lives or anything other than food, which replenishes some of your health, and other items like weapons and such. Also, at the end of each level of the simulation, you'll get to choose between two types of "power-ups", more damage, fancy weapons, etcetera. Think of it as a roguelike run. As you progress on your run, you get to unlock more moves for the character that can later be used in any of the game's modes, Arcade, Story, and even in Survival mode itself.

Now, I am back at playing the game, this is a game I can play at any time while even playing other games, it's like a palate cleanser, a candy. 

And yes, I want to unlock all the moves now, like Pokemon.

That being said, a game I am very much looking forward to this week is CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION. It is already loaded, just can't play it yet...