It is my birthday week, this usually comes with a lot of indulging. Moreover, our best friend, Melva, is coming to town and staying for a few days. And here’s the thing, her birthday was today, March 29th, mine, is this coming Thursday, March 31st. It’s a double birthday celebration of sorts.

That being said, previously, well, for a while, I have been banging the old drum of me being unhealthy, not moving or working out, etc.

Well, guess what, yesterday, I exercised, went for a run/walk, and again today, and now, I’m motivated. Yes, I have probably picked up the worst time to start, but some may say that any time to start is as good as any.

Definitely there will be unwanted — or very wanted — indulgences in the coming days, but maldita sea (as Rey Gonzales used to say) I will do my damn best, to close all those rings this week.

Cheers, 🍻

Also, I think my blog got hacked 😎