I could say that I have been, somewhat journaling way before I started "blogging". Thinking back, probably my first digital journal was – like it or not – Facebook. Back when it was usable and tolerable, more the latter than the former. Later it was Path. Remember Path?

Then it became more personal when I started using Day One about 10 years ago. Everyone is a while I would share an entry on Facebook but rarely. Then I started to read more blogs and took a lot of interest in personal blogs. And that's where my interest in blogging stems from. To have a digital journal of sorts.

This is how I have been journaling for the past 5 years, in my personal blog and Day One. I have an IFTTT action that anything that gets posted to my blog, gets an entry on Day One.

However, I have been playing with the idea of pen-and-paper journaling. Probably for those things I don't feel like saying out loud. As of now, 95 percent of what's in my head is game and gets published, either here or to my microblog.

And what about that 5 percent?

Yes, I could still probably enter those in Day One as a non-published entry, but there's something about pen and paper that's... I don't know. Perhaps I just miss the physical tangible connection of hand-writing.