One of the things I love the most and that brings the most sparks of joy to me is photography. That being said, I am not a professional photographer in any sense of the word. I consider myself a fan of photography, a photography enthusiast, a forever newbie, and that – with luck –  I can take a good picture every now and then.

Then there are people like Matt Barnes. I will be really honest, I probably never heard of him until today, I am sure a lot of you might know and I am just been living under a rock. But damn! His work is next level, gorgeous photography, it really inspires me. I wouldn't dare to aspire to be as good as him or do the kind of photography he does, but damn do I appreciate it. I discovered him by watching one of  Peter McKinnon's latest videos, I really don't want to talk about cameras, at all. You should really check out this video, it is really well done. And my favorite line of his [Matt's] in this video was:

I really couldn't give a shit about cameras, at all. I would talk about like 1920 suiting for hours. I don't want to talk about cameras, there's nothing more boring than cameras

In regards to when people spent too much time talking about camera gear and what they should use, etc. So, don't worry about what camera you've got, worry more about your craft.

Another photographer that I very much admire and really inspired me is Travis Jensen. He's an outstanding street photographer, I discovered him, years ago I believe it was through this article from 2014 when my iPhone was my main camera. I remember I was using Hipstamatic a lot for most of my photography and that's how it came within my radar.

He did give me a piece of advice once, it's been many years since so I may be just paraphrasing here,

If I spend more than five minutes editing a picture, that picture will never see the light of day.

I remember asking him was his editing process and that was his advice, and I have carried that with me ever since.

Also, another photographer that I admire and find inspiration in his photography, I got to mention Maique Madeira, a professional photographer, professional diaper changer, and a friend. His photography never ceases to amaze me.

So, we don't talk about cameras 🤫