Dan Counsell on I Will Not Buy Another iPhone

For me, the phone addiction problem is wrapped up along with consumerism. They are both hard to ignore and hard to break away from. I know there are people and companies out there working tirelessly to get me to buy whatever they are selling. Doing whatever they can to get my attention. The trouble is, I'm a sucker. I've always loved new technology. Always first in line (virtually at least) to buy the next big thing. The next must-have upgrade.

I feel seen a little bit here. For years this has been my predicament.

I gotta upgrade to that new thing, gotta have it!

Uh, a new shiny iPad, don't need it, but I wanted, must have it, my precious!

This predicament of mine has somewhat gotten better over the years, though, I think. I mean, I still have my 11-inch iPad Pro from, I don't remember the year to be honest, whichever the first model was. And I have no intentions of getting a new one anytime soon. I also have a late 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the same thing, until the day it dies, which has been closed to already.

The Phone, well, still to this day I sort of upgrade... It used to be every year now it's more like every year and a half. See? I think that's progress? No? Yes? I currently have the iPhone 12 mini, and this is probably the best macintosh phone I have owned in a few years. Rumors were that they would only come up with a new mini, if at all, every two years, and for the first time in forever, I was okay with that upgrade cycle. Turns out we got an iPhone 13 mini. And guess what? I cannot wait to upgrade to it.

I have some "valid reasons", or so I keep telling myself. Β The first one is, battery life, I have heard in my different super-secret nerdy chats that it is much better than the 12's. Second, I have had a few mishaps with this device, and um, it is a little banged up πŸ˜…πŸ€«. Third, it comes in pink. Also, I usually go for the mid-model, in terms of storage, that's 128GB for mi 12, and now the cheapest model is 128.

That being said, are these legitimate reasons for an upgrade, or is the old me being a sucker too and coming up with reasons.