Tuesday, Marley had a dentist appointment, she was super-stoked btw. I have never seen anybody so excited to go to the dentist — ever.

I mean, can’t blame her, she gets cool headphones and a tv that hangs from the ceiling, and she watches a cartoon movie while they do the thing. Plus, the hygienists are fun and engaging.

She gets her teeth cleaned, a sucker, and two toys as grand prizes lol

At the time of checking out, I needed to make an appointment for Luna. And of course, they ask for her date of birth. Oh, man! I got the month and date right away, but the year, the year escaped me. I had to think long and hard about that one. 2018, Luna was born in 2018. Marley’s it’s usually a lot easier to remember, 2016. Sadly, or unfortunately, some bad things happened in 2016 but Marley was the best that happened that year.

Now I’m thinking if I should get a tattoo with the girls' bday, super-cliché, I know, right on my right wrist. So the next time I can just consult the wrist when I forget.