Today, was not only one of the scariest commutes back from work, but also the most upsetting. I don’t think anyone was expecting it to snow today. I can tell because of the way we were all dressed up at work. The not-snow-days pants, the not-snow-days shoes, well, you get the idea.

Also, as I have probably expressed before, my office space, is in a trailer west side of the main building. We have windows, but, my cubicle, does not face any of them. It wasn’t until I went out that I have realized how it was snowing. It was so much and so fast, that I felt like I wasn’t fast enough clearing my car from all the snow. By the time I was done on one side of the car, the other side was already covered in snow again.

Roads were a mess, drivers we also a mess. Judging by my first 10 minutes of driving, I knew I was going to be late to pick Marley at school. A few cars on the sides of the road, in ditches. Slow traffic and small accidents, It was an unannounced snow-apocalypse. Being stuck in traffic because of weather, knowing you’ll be late to pick up your kid as school, is one of the most stressing and upsettings feelings.

Gladly, we called the school, informed them I was going to be late and held Marley inside the school until my arrival.


What normally would have been a thirty-minute commute to Marley’s school, today, took me an hour and twenty minutes.