As I am trying to get back on track and in shape, I went for a run today. This will be the first run of 2022 and also the first in a long time, probably close to a year. Today it was about 2 miles (3.22 km)., nothing too crazy.

I am very lazy when it comes to running, in fact, part of me loathes it. But the benefits are far too great. That being said, there are some other things I much prefer, like using the rower. I intend to get one this year, you’ll see.

Not only was it my first run in a long time, but it’s also the first time I go out without my phone ☎️!

Say whuuuut?

I have a series 6 Apple Watch with cellular and never have I ever taken advantage of that. This is the first time I go out and about without my iPhone and streaming music on my watch to my Powerbeats Pro. I guess I was always afraid of, I don’t know, the cellular connection on the watch not being great or something, but never tried it before. Today will be the first of many. It’s so good not having to worry about where to put the phone or holding it whilst running or any kind of intense workout.

A couple of bites (I meant notes) of today’s run.

  • I felt heavy, extremely heavy. Like I was wearing a vest.
  • Very out of condition. I couldn’t maintain my pace, there were times I was walking rather than running. This run was more like interval running.
  • A bit of pain in my feet
  • One good thing, no cramps, usually I expect these when I haven’t run in a while.

Looks like I have aways to go still…