One of my favorite "hacks" in, to me, has ever been the "on this day". This is something very similar to what apps like Day One do but on your blog instead. Micromemories or On this Day was created by cleverdevil.

I have used this feature on my blog for years. It has always been fun to re-live some memories of the past. For different reasons, sometimes a nice memory, sometimes a not-so-good memory that might help you reflect and see how far you have come. And not going to lie, there have been times where a very unsavory memory has pooped up and been deleted, at least in Day One.

Recently we got Surprise me! by @sod. It is not exactly like on this day, instead, it will pull a random post from your archive, which is pretty neat. For some reason, I kind of like this better. Looking back at memories every day can become obsessive, for me. A random post, out of the blue (ish), it's a lot more fun and exciting, I think because you'll never know what ya' gonna get!

I think I will be removing the On this Day from my blog and replacing it with Surprise Me! There will still be an On This Day, not on my blog, but in Day One.


It is 2022, I believe I am due for a new backpack, just sayin'