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I have posted about this before, in another ghost blog, that doesn’t exist anymore. I wrote it using its web editor instead of my text editor, of choice. Thus, when I ghosted ghost, I never backed up that post, at all, so it’s lost — ghosted. I do not remember the post word by word, but I remember the general idea.

I remember when Glass Photos was the new hot thing around, that was not long ago, I think, but we move way too fast, I guess. Most people I follow, are probably a little discouraged or debating whether it is something they want to partake in or not anymore. Totally valid.

What is Glass, to me?

When I first signed up for it, I loved it right from the get-go, it meant it would be the instagram killer, for me. I liked the fact there were no likes, at the time, now we got “appreciations”. The way it shows the photos it’s nice, there is not a huge “social” element aspect to it. I believe Glass is more a way to expose your photography without the noise of being a social platform.

Later, they added web profiles, here’s mine. With that, it became the cheapest photo website in which I could display my photos. The only downside would be that there is no way for anyone who is not already using Glass, to contact me in some way. It’d be nice if it showed your Twitter handle or a link to your personal blog, if any, and so on.

This is the way, or my usage of the service, at the moment. I have explored other ideas to recreate this in a more personal way. I mean, I already host all my pictures on my personal blog, but would like something only photos dedicated and so far, Glass is doing the job. For how long it will? Who knows…